Beginner's class meets on Wednesdays (7-9 p.m.)

-Acceptable ages for training are 13 and above as pain submissions and joint twisting are used to subdue attackers. This is hard on young joints.  In general, students should be in fairly good health and shape.

-Students will be trained to take ukemi (forward and back falls and break-falls) in order to avoid injury. 

-In general, students should be in fairly good health and shape. This said, students with disabilities are accepted and instruction will be modified to fit their disability.  However, depending the disability studens with disabilities should be aware that some techniques may be unavailable to them. Students must inform the instructor ahead of time if they are unable to complete or have difficulty with an exercise.      

Ranked  students meet on Sundays (2-4 p.m.)

-Ranked students from judo and jujitsu are accepted in advanced classes but must follow the aikido training regime.

-Students wishing to obtain rank must do so by joining the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba and by maintaining membership.  Promotion criterion used is that of the "Nashville Aikikai," Nashville, Tn. 

 Aikido is a martial art and the chance of injury requires the signing of a waiver.  Generally the chances are slight but they do happen.  Parents must sign a waiver for minors to participate.

All classes meet at Boykin Community Center located at 400 Boykin St # A, Auburn, AL